Desert Living Advantages

Living in or near an arid climate may bring to mind images of exhaustion, sacrifice and a general lack of luxury, however, making the desert a home is actually a smart, savvy and comfortable life choice for many desert dwellers both in America and beyond. With cities like Pheonix, Arizona flourishing as a business and residential hotbed and Las Vegas entertaining tourists from across the globe, the desert seems less and less deserted every passing year. More so than any environmentally dependent variable, a general sense of isolation and disregard helps contribute to the “happens here stays here” attitude associated with Vegas, stemming from its desert locale and common connotation that the rules go out the window when surrounded by sparsely populated area, even in an era in which news quickly permeates the furthest regions of the earth,Perhaps one convenience of desert living that turns many visitors into settlers is the lack of winter weather. Not to say it never gets cold in the desert, as the temperature is bipolar from daytime to overnight, but due to a general lack of rain and precipitation blizzards, snow storms and ice storms that so often plague Midwestern and Northeastern towns are no inconvenience what so ever in an arid climate.Desert living is also conducive to a more relaxed, laidback culture than the hustle and bustle of most major cities. Though deserts may be home to metropolitan areas, such cities are generally more balanced and slower-paced than similar sized coastal contemporaries. Desert culture is also often unique to region, at least in North America. From art to architecture, remnants of civilizations past often play heavily into the aesthetic landscape. Native American and old Hispanic artifacts and stylings are often incorporated into newer designs, creating a charming oasis of buildings and civilization.With advancements in technology and irrigation, desert living is easier than ever. Not to say it doesn’t require frugal use of water as compared to other parts of the country, however, there is no danger of thirsting to death on trip downtown, no vultures will circle your car as you head to and from work or school and yes, there are jails, but outlaws are more lore than present danger. Consider checking out one of the Chihuahua Desert’s great local cities if you are considering vacation or relocation, and enjoy bright, sunshiny days as the rest of the world suffers in gloom.